Guatemala: week one

Posted on January 15, 2011


Hey there!

Well, I am done with one week here in Guatemala. It’s going awesome so far! I love the people here and the culture, and the mountain view is also pretty amazing. I’m the only American and English speaker among the students (there’s a total of 5 of us). It’s been an interesting this week because I’ve had to do a lot of translation with the students and some of the staff here that don’t know Spanish and can’t communicate with the Spanish students.  It’s been challenging and rewarding at the same time, because I’m learning  a lot of Spanish!

This week was all orientation stuff and getting acquainted with how things run around here. Next week starts the grind! But, I’m excited to dive in and let God work in me. We had our first book to read this week (it was super interesting, I learned a lot from it, it was called The Kidron Experience) and I also wrote my first paper. Yesterday, we explored the city some and went to the zoo, which was really nice. Today, I’m going to help put the roof on what will be our new house in about a month and later I’m going to worship practice!

A couple of facts about Guatemala:
1. There’s volcanoes here and I can see one from where I’m staying, it’s awesome! And there are a ton of mountains, which are amazing to see since Indiana has none!
2. People shoot off fireworks here religiously. Seriously. Every morning, around 5am, there are a ton of fireworks being shot of. It’s insane. And all throughout the day fireworks go off… not that I’m complaining too much, they’re cool!

I had more cool stuff, but I forgot them. I’ll try to remember them for later.

Hope all is going well, hopefully next time I’ll have more insightful things to share… but until then…


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