Recap and Rejoice and Such

Posted on January 29, 2011


You are closer than our troubles, more present than any dangerMore grand than gold or silver, You are God

Let what we do in here fill the streets out there…
let us dance for You, let us dance for You

I can see a light, that is coming, for the heart that holds on
There will be an end, to these troubles, but until that day comes
Still I will praise You, still I will praise You

Hey all,

I’m very sorry for no post last week, I ran out of time due to stuff I had to get done around here. But, I am well and there are a lot of pretty sweet things going on around here. I’ll try to recap a little of what’s gone on the past few weeks:

  • Last week was mostly classes. We didn’t do a whole lot outside of school work and service ministries around campus. We had a book to read (which discussed serving leaders in ministry and developing into a servant of God, it was good) and a paper to write about it. I’m loving the material we’re going through though. It’s basically a bible school and I love digging deeper into the Word.
  • The schedule around here is getting progressively more busy. This week was EXTRA busy, but it was really good. I enjoy being on the go. This week we added providing meals to the homeless to our Friday night schedule. That was really awesome and tough at the same time. But, it was good to spend time with them and talk to them a little. We give them each a sandwich and a cup of a nutritious drink mix (I can’t remember what it’s called… catalina or something like that). Thursday nights is our Bible study night, which is a great time to be able to sit down, reflect, and worship after a long week. Every other day I am also in the furniture factory here for a couple of hours making beds for kids. I look forward to that almost every day. The smell of fresh wood is awesome.
  • This week we did evangelism all week. Three out of the five days we were in downtown Guatemala City talking to people. That’s not something I’ve really done before, at least to that extent, but throughout the week I really began to enjoy it. It’s awesome being about to share the gospel with people and talk to them about beliefs and God’s love. I didn’t get to do a ton of talking until yesterday, because in the city everybody speaks Spanish. But, yesterday we went to Antigua, where there a ton of tourists, students, and English speakers. It’s really a beautiful city.  I got to talk to a Buddhist, a Canadian, a Virginian, a Californian, and a Korean, it was good to be able to share with them. Throughout the week tons of people were saved. Gloria a Dios.
  • My Spanish is coming, slowly. Actually, in some ways I feel like it’s gotten harder to put sentences together! But, I think (or at least hope) that’s because I’m learning how to do it more correctly. This morning I worked on my “rr” and the tongue roll, it’s getting there!
  • Right now, we have no water here. So that means no showers or laundry. In the words of Mr. DeVenney, “Welcome to the mission field.” I really don’t mind, it just makes things fun and interesting.

Here’s a tad bit of what I’ve been learning: My time here has been excellent, it really has. God is teaching me so much and stretching in me in ways that I never would’ve though. Everyday I’m exited to get things going and see what else might be in store. The people here are so encouraging and fun to be around. But, that’s not to say that there hasn’t been a few bad situations here and there. I don’t want it to sound like it’s terrible or anything, because it isn’t, but every now and then things don’t go exactly right, that’s just life. Us students are still getting adjusted to how things run around here and we sometimes mess up, and the staff here makes sure we get it right. There are not excessive punishments here or anything, but just a few, rare tense moments. One day last week was actually really tough. Every other day my team has to clean the whole facility. While cleaning, I accidentally broke a decorative plate and a mirror. And, some other stuff from earlier that day had me kinda in a slump. Looking back on it now, it seems like nonsense, but I just wasn’t in a great mood after all of that. But, as I finished up my cleaning, I heard a gentle voice in my ear, “I’m here.” And, I simply began to rejoice in that. See, I have tendency to analyze situations, go over them a million times, and kick myself over and over again whenever I mess up or something goes wrong. I get caught up in what’s going on before my eyes. When I heard God speak to me I knew that I couldn’t go through that cycle again. If I wallow in the situation that is going on before me, I don’t allow any room for God’s love or peace to work in me or out of me. If I wallow, I block myself off from God and what He wants to do through the situation. If I find more comfort in wallowing, I’m undermining my faith in Him. When I heard His voice, I immediately began to rejoice in Him. He gave me a peace about the situation and showed me my peace is found in Him, not scrutinizing the situation, condemning myself, or trying to find a way out. Throughout this week, I’ve been trying to live that out; to rejoice always, in times good and in times bad.  I don’t want my rejoicing to be limited to worship services or when things seem to be going right. That kind of mindset puts God in a box and doesn’t pay respects to the glory He shines through everything, even brokenness.

That is just a bit of what’s going on here, though I’ve been learning much more than I could put into a post.

I would love to hear from you guys, feel free to hit me up on facebook or comment on this blog. Hope you all are doing well!

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