Guatemalan Goodness (and such)

Posted on February 12, 2011


Well, I’ve been here in Guatemala for a month and a few days. It’s pretty unbelievable if you ask me. It’s been a whirlwind of activity this month and time is flying fast, it seems like I just got here yesterday. The internet has been down for a few weeks, so getting online has been a little more difficult… but let me try to catch up on a few things:

•    This past week we have been going through a course on ministry organization planning and support planning. All week we’ve been producing calendars, newsletters, prayer cards, filing systems, and the like. This weekend I’ve get to get that all tied together to turn in on Monday. Also this week, we received a book for a New Testament survey we’re going to be starting up next week. I’m looking forward to going through all of that in the following week.

•    Next week is also Drama Ministry week. We will be going out to the streets with four separate salvation dramas to do each day of the week. After each drama, we’re going to get a chance to talk to the onlookers… it should be a good week.

•    This past Sunday, we also got the chance to go to a village about three hours away called Carrillo. We delivered five beds to five families who sleep every night on dirt floors. It was awesome to go into this village and bless them with beds. We gave three beds to families who are unbelievers and two beds to people in the congregation. While there, we got to see where some of the huts where people live and spend time with some of the kids there. I had tons of fun chasing the kids around. I’m looking forward to going back there soon.
We have been making these beds in the furniture factory during our time here. In    all, we will make and deliver 50 or more beds while I’m here.

•    Last Friday, we spent the entire day pouring the floor in the second story of the MTC, which is where us students will be living in a couple of weeks, once it’s finished. Right now, we are sleeping in the short-term missions team center and doing all of our classes and meals at the MTC. But soon, we will be doing everything right here at the MTC. This week they are putting up walls and electrical. It’s beginning to take shape!

That’s all the big stuff I can think of right now, but I’m sure there’s more.

God is continually growing me here, He is revealing Himself to me in so many ways. He doesn’t cease to amaze me. Every morning, before class, we have devotionals and chapel. I find myself looking forward to that time of day the most. Quiet time with God is becoming invaluable to me. Before getting here, I never established or made a solid effort to get quiet with God. I was totally normal or a week to pass by without even giving God a chance. I would, then, find myself dragging and empty, wondering what was wrong with me. But, now that I’m getting in the routine of getting in His word, it’s becoming a priority and something that happens more than just that one time a day. What I’m trying to say is, once I finally give God a chance to speak into my life, without me pushing Him out or being consumed by my day, He comes right in and prods me along. Having alone time with God is so precious because each day the relationship gets stronger. And, when you begin to give each day to Him, that’s when God really begins to break down walls and work things out for His glory. God so desperately wants to work in and through our lives, we just have to open up and let Him do His thing, without fighting what He’s trying to do and going our own direction. I’m still working at this and trying to make my everyday consumed by Him. Opening up is the hard part for me. But, I thought I’d quickly share with you where I’m at.

Have an excellent weekend! Miss home and all of you!

p.s. Oh and I wanted to think everyone that’s commented to me on facebook, emailed, or on here. It was really awesome to get on and read from everyone. Thanks for the encouragement! I wish I had more time to respond back to everyone… but know that it really means a lot to me!

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