Today, Let It Be Known.

Posted on May 7, 2011


Oh Lord, God of our fathers, this day let it be known
That you Lord are God of the present tense
Oh Lord, Father of history, this day let it be known
That you Lord are present in our human events

Holy, Holy You alone are true
Turn us back towards you

This week I was reading through 1 Kings and I came across the story of Elijah. I really enjoy his story and hearing about his life. He lived out an awesome faith. I came to the part where Elijah calls on God to reveal Himself in front of people who had fallen away to the worship of Baal. He asks God to show them that the things Elijah had done were from God’s command, and that Elijah was God’s servant. Elijah desires the people to know God almighty is working in their hearts. And, just as Elijah asked, it was made complete.

What really caught me the most through all of this was when Elijah said “Let it be known today that you are God and that I am your servant.” Man, what an awesome testimony that is. What if everyday we lived was dedicated to letting God be made through us? And, what if it was our service was to let him work through us?

See, I want to be able to stand before God one day and be called His “good and faithful servant.” I want to bring glory to Him while I am here on earth. But, that is only going to happen through the time frame of today. It starts by the desire for God to be known through our lives and to make everyday a service to Him. It’s an everyday decision. Everyday we have to decide if we’re going to focus our minds on God’s presence in our lives or merely on what happens before our hands and eyes. If we decide on the former, we allow God to make Himself known to us, which naturally extends to those around us as we grow in Him and open ourselves up for God to work through us. That’s when God becomes known and when He receives all of the recognition. It’s a humbling thing to have someone else receive the glory in our lives for the great things that are done; but it’s not for our glory, it’s all for His.

I’ve been trying to make this my prayer this week… so I thought I’d pass it along.

As an extra note: tomorrow we leave for the medical brigade. We’ll be out in a village for four days of tending to the medical needs of people who don’t have a lot of options, as far as medical help. We have doctors going with us who will be able to give each patient a check up and we’re taking a ton of medicine to help them out. And we’ll have an awesome opportunity to share the Gospel with them. I’m excited for this opportunity to be able to minister to the spiritual and physical needs of people. It’ll be an awesome week!

If you could pray over the week, that would be awesome.

And, if you could pray over my future after I’m done here in Guatemala, I would be very grateful, as I’m trying to figure out where I’m headed. Thanks for all your support and I hope all is going well your way.

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