The There and Then Meets The Here And Now (updates)

Posted on August 8, 2011


Yeah, so… I more or less failed at keeping people informed of my Guatemalan stint through this blog. I apologize for that fact. I do have somewhat of an excuse, but not much of one. But to try and make up for lost time (which was about two months… man, I really did do a bad job at staying updated!), I will kinda go through a crash course on what happened during my last little bit in Guatemala and beyond that.

  •  Where to start? Well, after my week long break stateside, I returned to Guatemala and to an even busier schedule than I had during my first leg. We did a slew of classes, ranging from spiritual warfare to church history to world religions to some doctrinal studies. I’ve got like two notebooks full of notes just from those classes. My favorite was church history, it was definitely an interesting study.
  • The second half of my time in Guatemala was also chalk full of trips, which I’ll kind of outline below. In the midst of these bigger trips, we still did our classes, smaller weekend trips and ministries, and everything else that came along with our daily schedule :
    • Medical Brigade- We took about 20 plastic bins full of medicine and two Guatemalan doctors to a village about thirty minutes outside of a coastal city called San Jose. We worked with the doctors to give the people in that town a check up and free meds, which were prescribed through the doctors. This village has no access to doctors, without traveling a crazy distance, nor medicine. In all, we saw over 700 people in 4 days, it was pretty insane.
    • Film Evangelism- On this trip, we based ourselves in the village of La Puerta, where we have been building a church. This trip was three-fold as we did classes in the mornings, did construction work on the church in the afternoon, and showed a film in the evening. As far as the movies, we traveled to five different villages and showed two films: one for the kids and later for the adults. Then afterwards we’d do a gospel message.  Movies are huge in those villages, so we had really good crowds. The night I preached there was a good hundred to two hundred people. It was definitely a cool trip, I learned a lot about ministry that week. A month or so after this trip, we did another weekend of film evangelism in a town outside of the capital as well.
    • Church Construction- In my time down there we built walls, put on a roof, plumbed, wired, and poured a cement floor in a church plant in La Puerta. In all, it took about three weeks to get that done, with the help from a short-term missions team from Waterloo, IN. Right now, the church is fully functional and is hosting services. I hear about 35 people are attending services.
    • Church Planting- In the same church mentioned above, my team also spent a lot of time paving the way, so to speak, for the church to begin official services. We spent about a week and half in La Puerta for the sole purpose of building relationships with the people there, see what there needs were, and begin to connect people to the church. La Puerta, by the way, has never had a Evangelical church, so what an honor it was to be there and be used by God in such a way. During that week, we did a ton of house visits, VBS’s, and adult services. I loved every second I got to live in that village! We lived on the same level with them as we bought all of our food from them, washed ourselves and clothes with them in their rivers, and sat on there porches talking over life. They are such an awesome people.
  • That kind of sums up, in a smaller version of a huge nutshell (I don’t know if that phrase made any sense), my time in Guatemala. When I graduated from the program, there was a nice banquet where awards and such were passed out for grades and other categories.
  • So, I came home July 2 from Guatemala and from there I started looking forward to my last-minute trip to the Dominican Republic with my home church, Pathway. I found out about the possibility of this trip during my last week in Guatemala. I was home for 9 days from Guatemala and left again to the DR on July 12. In the Dominican, I was with a team of 24 people from Pathway. We did a basketball camp, construction, and a VBS (I mostly did construction). I love the Dominican a ton, the view there is beautiful, as are the people. The ministry down there is super awesome and I enjoy working with them a lot. This was only a week long trip, but I could’ve easily stayed there for another six months haha
  • I came home from the DR on the 19th of July, which was a Tuesday. I was home for a day and left that Thursday for Ohio to lead worship at a 4-day Youth Camp. That was definitely a cool experience… it was pretty much my first time leading worship on my own. And besides that, I had a good time hanging out with the kids there.
  • So that brings us to where I am now… I’ve been home for about two weeks since all of that went down. It been a good time back home seeing family and friends and such. I’ve also been helping out a lot at church with the youth group and other worship stuff. It’s definitely been a couple of busy weeks.
  • Another major thing going on in my life right now is my school plans. In between all of my travels I have been looking into the Christian University’s around Fort Wayne. And, I am officially transferring to Grace College this Fall. I am majoring in Biblical Studies with a Psychology-type minor. I’m super stoked! I’m not quite sure what my life is going to look like after college, but I know my heart is for the ministry and I feel such affirmation that God will guide and lead me into the next step in His time. I’m definitely excited to step into this next season.

Anyways, sorry for the long post. This officially ends my posts about Guatemala and my missions experiences. I’ll probably keep the blog up though and post every now and then. But, feel free to unsubscribe if you don’t want to get anymore email updates (the unsubscribe button should be somewhere at the bottom of the email update). I wish I could go into some detail about some specific experiences I had and some the cool stuff that happened, but I feel like it would take forever. But, I might see if I can get a post up sometime about some of the stuff I’ve been processing about the trips, we’ll see though. Thanks for keeping up with me and for your prayers, it’s been so much appreciated.

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