Oh The Depths, Oh The Heights

Posted on June 21, 2013



I wrote these lyrics (below) last summer when I was deeply seeking the Lord for wisdom and guidance. I haven’t pulled them out or sang this song in a long time until today. If I remember right, I wrote this song in response to Psalm 95 and I remember I was trying to write a hymn-like song.  I feel like my soul has been aching to the tune of this song this week. I’m getting ready to preach this Sunday and there are times when I just can’t seem to understand the glorious mysteries that the Lord has put into Scripture, let alone how to explain them. I find myself constantly amazed at the truths that the Lord gives us. I am even more amazed that He would make Himself known to us in Scripture, creation, and, when we train ourselves to be aware of it, in so many of life’s circumstances. (In Psalm 95 alone, the Lord show us that He is the Rock of our salvation, a great God, great King, the Maker, and Shepherd.) So, in view of that wonder of his glory, I will continue to seek after truth. He is worthy of praise and to be honored as we walk in the light of His truth.

Oh for the fear of your name, Oh for the depth of your ways
We look and cry, Open our eyes
These hearts turn to you

Oh for the joy of your fame, Oh for the heights of your grace
We look and shout, Ruler of all
These praises rise to you
We look and shout, Ruler of all
Our praises rise to you

Hallelujah, from all the depths to all the heights (x2)

Oh the worth of your truth, Oh the wisdom in your words
I yearn and seek, Father I plead;
Incline my heart to you
I yearn and seek, Father I plead
Incline this heart to you

Hallelujah, from all the depths to all the heights (x2 – x2)

(Picture Credit: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Kalalau_Valley_viewed_from_the_Na_Pali_Kona_Forest_Reserve_Pihea_Trail.jpg)

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